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Jackfruit - J33 Sultan


Jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus)

Here is the father of all Jackfruit - J33, Sultan or The Emperor!

The Sultan/J33 Jackfruit is famous worldwide due to its special genetic capability to produce an excellent mix of crunchy yet creamy taste. It has very little to no latex, making it convenient to prepare, the fruit itself is larger than average. The flesh is juicy, and very aromatic! The Brix or the sweetness level is 36 making this the sweetest of all Jackfruit!

The Sultan/J33 has been used as a basis of research for over 50 years and used in many countries like in Australia as a clone to produce another hybrid varieties of Jackfruit. The Sultan/J33 originated from Malaysia, but over the course of 30 years has been exported to many countries like Sri Lanka, India, Australia and other Southeast Asian countries and often enough renamed to something else after it was grafted onto local varieties of Jackfruit.

This variety is reasonably hardy and able to tolerate cold much better than any Jackfruit varieties we have seen.  Only last winter, we placed the new seedling of The Sultan/J33 in a cold room without overhead cover (approx. night temperature of 4'c, day temperature up to 22'c) and without heating for months and it still growing well. We also left the new young seedlings outdoor (approx. night 8'c temperature, day temperature of 27'c) for a week without any major damage and the plant keeps growing and thriving in the NZ climate. This is impressive and possibly the reason why this variety was selected as the first choice of rootstock for other jackfruit varieties in many other countries.

The Sultan/J33 variety is fast growing, produces fruit all year long and in abundance. In an ideal climate The Sultan/J33 Jackfruit produces fruit as early as 3 years old from seed. In Malaysia it produces fruit at under 2 years even! In our orchard overseas, we have never grafted any jackfruit plants simply because the plant grows wild and well and The Sultan /J33 variety especially is true to seed. 

The plant can grow up to 5m tall, but in NZ it will never reached this maximum height. The height can be easily managed by pruning once established. The plant will have no issues growing in a large pot.

Disclaimer: Although this variety seems to handle the cold temperature reasonably well, we strongly recommended the young plant to be nurtured and kept away from extreme cold, frost and heavy wind. Best is to keep it in a covered or semi covered area for as long as possible until the stems are fully browned and thicken before introducing to the outdoors. The plant will do very well in warmer areas.


Plant Care:


Prefer full sun, however they are happy growing in a large container and growing indoors or a semi shaded area.


Plenty of water around summer, less during winter - limit to once a week.


Well-draining, soil may be sandy, sandy loam. Just avoid clayish type soil, as they don’t like wet feet. 


They like nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium applied in a ratio of 8:4:2:1 to 1 ounce (30 g.) per tree at six months of age and doubling every six months up to two years of age.


Keep away from strong wind when young. Can tolerate more when established.


No frost, best to put a cover on top during winter. Will be happy growing under a greenhouse.


3 years from planting.

Customer Reviews

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J33 arrived fine

Arrived perfectly.

Josi Riddle

Plant arrived in fine order. Thank you so much.

Jenny Huriwai

So happy with the service, packaging and condition of my Jackfruit. It now (6 weeks later) has several new leaves and is thriving. Thank you

Lawrence Mantjika
Love my Sultan

Received the Sultan in perfect condition.
I was a bit worried, as it was in transit for 3 days with the courier. But the packaging and care taken was excellent!

Saumya Bernard

I was super impressed by the care you have given in for the packaging. You had packed the plant in such a way that it’s doesn’t get hurt and get enough air through its journey to me. Hats off Rose for the all the efforts. My first purchase definitely not the last. Cheers to more plants. Love Saumya