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Longan - Kohala


Size: Medium

Longan Kohala (Dimocarpus longan) 

The Kohala Longans were grown from the seed off a prolific longan tree in the Far North of New Zealand. A longan or dragon eye tree is perfect if you like lychees and rambutans but your climate isn’t quite tropical enough, as they will tolerate much cooler temperatures.

A highly sought after plant in New Zealand. Kohala is an exceptional variety it has smaller seeds and thick flesh. Very sweet, large, plump and juicy flesh.

Longan trees are part of the Dimocarpus family, an attractive small to medium sized tree with lots of lovely reddish new growth through spring and summer and a heavy canopy of shiny, green leaves, although you may want to keep them smaller or thin the canopy to make harvesting the fruit easier.

See the last photo of my own Longan fruiting at home in Auckland! 

Although some seed grown plants are not true to type, they will still provide you with a delicious tasting fruit in years to come.

S- 1+ year

M- 2+ years

L - 4+ years

Plant Care  


Grow in full sun or partial shade.  Young plants need to be acclimatized slowly otherwise they will have a heat burn on the leaves


Like a lot of water especially during summer, water them every day. The soil must be kept moist but less so during winter


Well-draining. Happy to be in a large pot. Slightly acidic soil. Add blood and bone in the holes during planting. Mulch often


Weekly liquid fertilizing is important for their strong growth and maturity. Cut down fertilising to once a month during winter. General fertilising every 3-4 months will keep the plant healthy. Love old manure top up every 2-3 months.


Fairly wind tolerant but young plant wound need protection cover until they are established.


Will tolerate light frost. Young plant will need a protection cover


1-3 years for grafted or cutting grown. 5+ years from seeds


 Prune slightly to keep it in shaped just after harvest time