Pineapple - Cayenne

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Cayenne Pineapple (Ananas comosus)

The cayenne pineapple stands as a testament to nature’s ability to meld beauty with flavor. Its exterior is a captivating blend of golden hues, distinguished by large, pronounced eyes. Contrary to what its rugged skin might suggest, inside lies some of the sweetest, juiciest flesh of any pineapple variety. Each bite promises a burst of tropical sweetness, transporting the senses to an idyllic paradise. What sets the cayenne pineapple apart further are its smooth leaves, giving it an elegant silhouette, making this fruit not just a treat for the palate, but also a visual delight.

Cayenne pineapples are picked ripe and often more expensive fruit than red, pink or queen and very hard to get. The plant are small in comparison to the Queen or the Red pineapple when ready for fruiting. 

Plant Care Instructions Doc

Plant Care 

Full sun or shade.

Wind tolerant.

Can withstand drought and even a light frost. A hardy plant. Suited to temperate – warm temperate climates.

Grow in a wide range of soils and wide range of ph, 4.5 – 7. Must be well drained. Average water needs, do not over water.

Space plants 30 – 45cm apart. Plant in raised beds, ensure good drainage.

Pineapples are heavy feeders requiring a high nitrogen fertiliser, low in potassium and have adequate iron. Mulch to suppress weeds, conserve moisture and heat up the soil.

No pruning required only spent fruit stalks need to be removed.

No pests known.

Hardiness to -2°C

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  • It's important to note that shipping can be a stressful experience for plants, often due to spending several days in a dark, confined space. While most plants withstand this with little to no stress, some may experience leaf drop. However, they generally recover quickly with some additional care, including proper watering and gradual reintroduction to light after arrival.

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Pineapple - Cayenne
Pineapple - Cayenne

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