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Sharwil Avocado - The Green Gold of Avocados - Grafted


Sharwil Avocado (Persea americana)

The Sharwil avocado is known for its unique taste and characteristics. It has a rich, creamy texture with a subtle, nutty flavor. The flesh is buttery and smooth, making it a popular choice among avocado enthusiasts. Unlike some other avocado varieties, the Sharwil is not overly oily, which contributes to its distinct taste. In terms of taste we rated Sharwil as 9/10! 

In terms of the plant itself, Sharwil avocado trees are Type B, evergreen and can grow up to 30 feet tall. The plant however will take a long time to grow that high, if you prune the plant to 1.5-2m high on yearly basis the plant will remain short and more manageable. They have glossy, dark green leaves and produce small, greenish-yellow flowers. The fruit typically matures in late summer to early autumn, and it's known for its longish pear-like shape and green flesh closer to the skin and with medium size fruit. The fruit will remain green even when it’s ripen. Sharwil avocado trees are favoured by growers for their high-quality fruit and reliable yields when properly cared for.

Overall, the Sharwil avocado offers a delightful combination of creamy texture and subtle, nutty flavor that makes it a sought-after variety among avocado lovers.

Plant is 2+ years 

Plant Care


Plant in a warm sheltered position.


Plenty of water around summer, less during winter. Never let the soil dry out or the roots to soak in water


Well-draining, mulch well to keep moist all year around. Prefer to be planted on the mound. Can’t tolerate clayish soil. Add scoria at the bottom of planter/pot for good drainage and some blood and bone in the hole prior to planting


Every 4 weeks from spring to autumn. Love seaweed juice. Mulch and use any kind of fertilizer. Nitrogen hungry.  Give chicken manure 3 times a year  


Keep away from strong wind. Young or small plants will require protection cover to establish well. Stake the plant /branch for support


Frost tender when young, provide shade or cloth cover during winter. An exception is the Mexicola variety which is very frost tolerant


1-2 years for grafted and cutting grown. 4+ years from seedlings. Planting both A and B type improves fruit set. Plant flowers like lavender close by to encourage bees around


Every 1st April for vigorous growth the following season

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Lyn Godfrey
Quality Plus!

Packaging was really impressive no damage at all. Trees are of excellent quality.
Thankyou Rose very happy with my purchase can’t wait to buy more!