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Yellow Dragonfruit - Megalanthus


Size: Large

Yellow Dragon Fruit (Hylocereus megalanthus)


Expected delivery date late October/early November  2023

The Megalanthus Yellow Dragon Fruit, often hailed as the gem of the cactus family, stands out with its vibrant sun-kissed yellow skin. Bursting with sweetness, its translucent white flesh, dotted with tiny black seeds, offers a taste that's a harmonious blend of honeyed nectar and subtle kiwi undertones. Apart from its delightful taste, this exotic beauty is packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, making it as nourishing as it is appetizing. Every bite of the Yellow Dragon Fruit promises a taste of the tropics, a fusion of both texture and taste that is unparalleled.

Megalanthus is Self Fertile 


Plant Care
Caring for the Megalanthus Yellow Dragon Fruit involves understanding its tropical and subtropical origins. Here’s a guide tailored for its needs:

Location: Opt for a spot where the plant receives full sun for the best fruit production. Some afternoon shade can be beneficial in extremely hot climates.

Soil: This cactus prefers well-draining soil. A cactus or succulent mix is ideal. Ensure there’s no standing water if planting in the ground.

Watering: Moderate watering is key. Wait until the top few inches of soil are dry before watering again to prevent root rot.

Support: Being a vining cactus, it needs support. A sturdy trellis will suffice. Gently tie its stems to the trellis as it grows.

Fertilizing: During the growing season, use a balanced, all-purpose fertilizer. Either a slow-release granular fertilizer or a liquid feed every few weeks should work.

Pruning: Prune periodically to help the plant focus on fruiting. Trim off any unhealthy-looking stems. After fruiting, you can also shape the plant.

Pests and Diseases: Watch out for pests like aphids and mealybugs. Use insecticidal soap or neem oil for any infestations.

Frost Protection: It’s frost-sensitive. Protect with a frost cloth during cold forecasts or move potted ones indoors.

Pollination: The Megalanthus Yellow Dragon Fruit is self-pollinating, ensuring ease of fruiting. However, mixing with another variety can boost fruit size, enhance taste, and increase the chances of pollination.

Harvesting: Harvest when the skin is bright yellow and the fruit is slightly soft to touch.

With consistent care, your Megalanthus Yellow Dragon Fruit can become a centerpiece in your garden, offering both aesthetic appeal and delightful fruit.



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