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Cold Tolerant

For our cooler climate customers - these plants are cold tolerant and can handle the cooler weather better than others and even light frost. Check the individual variety for specific details however. Free shipping nationwide!
Jackfruit - J33 Sultan
$147.00 USD
Davidson's Plum
from $43.00 USD
Black Mulberry
Sold Out
Calamansi - Grafted
$81.00 USD
San Pedro Cactus
$71.00 USD
Rosella Plants
$49.00 USD
Sold Out
Pecan Nut
$54.00 USD
Cara Cara Navel Orange
$65.00 USD
Asian Lemongrass
$38.00 USD
Tropical Indian White Guava L49
$65.00 USD
Myoga Japanese Ginger
$43.00 USD
Australian Finger Lime - Grafted
$163.00 USD
Trifoliata Citrus
$49.00 USD
Cherimoya - Burton’s Favourite
$71.00 USD
Cherimoya - Rex
Sold Out
Yacon – Earth Apple
$38.00 USD
Jaboticaba Sabara
from $109.00 USD
Lucuma Obovata
$76.00 USD